We are a founder focussed venture capital firm


We specialize in investing with technology startups in Canada.

We identify, support and invest in entrepreneurs driven by passion to build great companies. Our mandate is to invest in Real Estate, AI, Big Data, IoT, Cypto, Marketplaces, Health Care, Education, FinTech, Security and Space Technology.

At Ideal Ventures, we help entrepreneurs by removing the burdensome procedures of starting a business and provide access to business support, mentorship, funding, and the network to build and grow the next generation of successful businesses.

Investment Portfolio

Ideal Ventures has everything you need to disrupt and transform yout industry.

We've supported many early stage startups, setting them up on the path for success. Since launching in 2015, Ideal Labs has invested over ONE MILLION in start up programs & companies in a diverse range of industries. To name a few companies we've funded; Framecan, Continyou Care, Menyou, Ambience Data, Samplr, Scent Trunk and Knowledgehook.

Framecan specializes in light gauge steel framing and providing standardized, or customized, solutions for commercial and residential building applications.

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Ambience Data focuses on big data for smarter cities and offers real time sensor datasets to citizens, private businesses, municipalities and research organizations.

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Continyou Care is a meal service management platform and analytics tool built to help healthcare staff better serve patients or care home residents.

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Knowledgehook empowers mathematics students and teachers throught exemplary curriclum, professional development and leadership.

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Sampler helps brands build effective product sampling programs by delivering real product samples to digitally-targeted consumers with analytics & remarkering.

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Have an incredible Idea that you want to make a reality?

Ideal Ventures has everything you need to disrupt and transform your industry.

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